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Mishkalè 'conveys an intense energy and recreates the atmosphere of the gypsy festivals, excited with the poignant klezmer melodies.
It involves the audience with the rhythms of the dances of Eastern Europe and the fascinating stories of the shtetl, the Jewish village, with all its characters. They deal with sounds from Eastern Europe for about fifteen years.
Mishkalè Appear as a typical Eastern European orchestra, seven musicians overflowing with energy dances heady, swirling and fast.
Outside the box and clichès Mishkalè move between sounds and genres with the happy freedom of the "nomadic musicians" only Pursuing Their Own inspiration to create an eclectic music, open and curious. Without borders and limits of any kind in a continuous play on the edge of the unpredictable. The impression of style and sound have Mainly centered on the repertoire of klezmer music, recalling the atmosphere of the gypsy festivals and sweeping rhythms of the dances of Eastern Europe.

This is a sign That the Jewish cultures and countries of East have Always Been in contact in a kind of mutual exchange.
Mishkalè are:
Trumpet & flugelhorn
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Drums and percussion
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The Mishkalè project was born in 2001 from an idea of Sergio Appendino, a musician fascinated by Eastern European traditional music.
In 2005 the first CD Mishkalè Klezmer and Gipsy Music was released: a project with a band of 8 members.
In the following years Mishkalè have modified the band and chosen a style and sounds mainly focused on klezmer, sometimes including traditional music from the Balkans.
This was to testify that Jewish and Eastern European cultures have always been in contact by means of constant exchanges.
In 2010 releases his new CD: "Tanz Tanz. Mishkalè have played hundreds of concerts in various Italian cities and in Switzerland.
Among the most significant performances reminiscent of their participation in the Festival.
  • "Vincoli Sonori" in 2001 and 2002
  • Folkermesse in 2003
  • Concerts at the Medal Plaza
  • Torino 2006 Olympics Games
  • Klezmer Festival in Ancona in the same year, the concerts in the Synagogue of Casale Monferrato, Vercelli and included in the Festival of Jewish Culture Oy, Oy, Oy
  • Tavagnasco Rock, all in 2007
  • Folk Festival on the Plan of San Vigilio, Solstizio d'Estate Festival in Pruno of Stazzema, Pollenzo Mon Amour Festival in Pollenzo and the International Day of Jewish Culture in Vercelli, the celebrations for the sixtieth anniversary of the State of Israel in Turin, all in 2008.
  • The Seasons of Music at the exhibition in Cirie as well as various concerts in 2009
  • Fisafest of Aosta, the Fuori Tempo Festival in Borgaro Torinese, to Pentabrass Festival in Quincinetto and Nomaglio in 2010
  • Concerts in savigliano, Caraglio, Ispra, Roccaforte Mondovi, to Pentabrass Quincinetto festival, all in 2011
  • Erev Laila Festival in Trieste at the C'Ŕ qualcosa di nuovo... anxi d'antico Festival in Mondovi, in Moncalieri Music festival in 2012

There are also numerous collaborations with associations to create theatrical productions and performances. They remember the ones with the theater company
The following year they performed at Vercelli to the International Day of Jewish Culture in Turin and attended the celebrations for the sixtieth anniversary of the State of Israel. There are also numerous partnerships with associations for the production of theatrical productions and shows.
You remember those with the theater company Progetto Cantoregi,
  • with the theater company of the Politecnico di Torino
  • with the theater company Onda Teatro, Company "Il Pelobate"
  • and participation to record the soundtrack for the short film "The Keeper of the Night" by I. Mendolia

SHTETL! Yidele s recollections

Tanz Tanz

Klezmer & gypsy music







Concert on stage

presents a repertoire of pieces that can have a variable duration depending on the program requirements

Klezmer & Yiddish Music

the project that avails itself of the collaboration of the singer Maria Teresa Milano presents an instrumental and vocal / instrumental concert of klezmer songs and the Yiddish tradition


The Shtetl, the Jewish village of Eastern Europe, that world at times fantastic and surrounded by a melancholy charm, relives through our musical proposal made of songs klezmer of songs in Yiddish to illustrate everyday life up to the tragedy of lives broken by the Shoah

"The Courage of Liberty"

Sophie Scholl, Monaco; Duccio Galimberti and Italia Libera, Cuneo; Hannah Szenes, Yugoslavia; Emanuel Ringelblum, Warsaw; Friedl Dicker Brandeis, Prague ... In universities, ghettos and mountains throughout Europe, many resisted nazifascism by taking up arms, offering shelter to the persecuted, deceiving the centers of power. The Courage of Liberty is a musical narrative that recalls the stories and faces of those who knew how to distinguish good from evil and courageously opposed the war and atrocities of the regime, giving meaning to life and the value of freedom.

Recital "There is nothing to be afraid of"

the project was conceived for the celebrations of the "Memory Day" but can also be found in the form of a thematic show on Jewish music and life just before the Second World War. An intense and exciting show, a mixture of voices and music with the dreamy rhythm of the book, a bit surreal and ironic; a touching photograph of Jewish life before the war the painful story of a wound that has not yet healed. Taken from a masterpiece of twentieth century literature, signed by the Israeli writer of Romanian origin, Aharon Appelfeld. Text for the theater: Maria Teresa Milano Music: Mishkalè (with arrangements by Andrea Verza) Advice: Sarah Kaminski.


4 aprile 2020
"SHTETL" presso il "Teatro San Carlo" di CASALBORGONE (TO)
15 febbraio 2020
Concerto "Klezmer & Balkan" - "Le Ginestre Jazz Club" via Valprato 15, TORINO
1 febbraio 2020
Concerto per la Giornata della Memoria - BUSSOLENO (TO)
25 gennaio 2020
Concerto per la Giornata della Memoria - GENOLA (CN)
24 gennaio 2020
Concerto per la Giornata della Memoria - VERZUOLO (CN)
30 novembre 2019
Evento privato - Torino
08 novembre 2019
Evento privato - Torino
05 ottobre 2019
Tempio Valdese - Angrogna (TO)
08 settembre 2019
Vinadio (CN)
20 luglio 2019
19 luglio 2019
Chiostro di Sant'Antonio - CHIERI
15 giugno 2019
MUSICA IN CITTA' III - Storie di vita
Chiosco di Piazza Martiri della LibertÓ, RIVOLI (TO)
26 marzo 2019
"Venti di migrazione"
Beertola - Cuneo
08 febbraio 2019
Convitto Nazionale Statale "Umberto I" - Torino
27 gennaio 2019
Teatro "Gianfranco Bonavia"- Genola (CN)
19 gennaio 2019
Mishkale per il Giorno della Memoria
Palazzo delle Feste - Scena1312 - Bardonecchia
21 dicembre 2018
Capannori (LU), Rassegna "Gli incontri di Oltrepassare", Teatro Arte' di Capannori
01 dicembre 2018
San Secondo di Pinerolo (TO), "Effetto Balkan", Tempio Valdese San Secondo
28 novembre 2018
10 novembre 2018
Torino, Le Ginestre, KLEZMERANDO '18 "L'altro Balkan"
19 agosto 2018
Cesana Torinese (TO), Altenote nella Via Lattea 2018
08 agosto 2018
Ponte di Legno (BS), Tonalestate 2018
27 luglio 2018
Piedicavallo (BI), Teatro Regina Margherita
09 giugno 2018
Mede (PV)
18 aprile 2018
Trieste, Teatro della Contrada
12 marzo 2018
Cuneo, Teatro Toselli, Hatikva - Speranza. Tra Teatro e Musica
3 marzo 2018
Torino, Cinema Massimo, Convegno sulla cultura ebraica in Europa centro-orientale
31 dicembre 2017
Monastero di Fonte Avellana, Concerto di Capodanno
2 dicembre 2017
Torino, Le Ginestre
24 novembre 2017
Teatro I Portici, La voce Ŕ tutto
11 novembre 2017
Bobbio Pellice
Suoni di Autunno
06 settembre 2017
Gradisca di Isonzo
Festival Klezmer
09 luglio 2017
Lugano (CH)
Long Lake Festival
24 giugno 2017
Pruno di Stazzema
Solstizio di Estate
26 maggio 2017
Festival Biblico
20 maggio 2017
Le Ginestre Jazz Club
06 aprile 2017
Grugliasco (To)
Ex Campo Profughi
01 aprile 2017
Aosta Conservatoire
Master Class
28 gennaio 2017
Fossano (Cn)
Ogni nota e illuminata per le scuole
27 gennaio 2017
Fossano (Cn)
I Portici - Ogni nota e illuminata
27 gennaio 2017
Teatro Alfieri
15 gennaio 2017
Lugano (CH)
Viaggio a Terezin



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