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About us
Massimo Andrea Sergio Enrico Luciano Gioele Maria Teresa
Mishkalè 'conveys an intense energy and recreates the atmosphere of the gypsy festivals, excited with the poignant klezmer melodies. It involves the audience with the rhythms of the dances of Eastern Europe and the fascinating stories of the shtetl, the Jewish village, with all its characters. Mishkalè is a consolidated reality of the Italian music world. they deal with sounds from Eastern Europe for about fifteen years. Mishkalè Appear as a typical Eastern European orchestra, seven musicians overflowing with energy dances heady, swirling and fast. Outside the box and clichès Mishkalè move between sounds and genres with the happy freedom of the "nomadic musicians" only Pursuing Their Own inspiration to create an eclectic music, open and curious. Without borders and limits of any kind in a continuous play on the edge of the unpredictable. The impression of style and sound have Mainly centered on the repertoire of klezmer music, recalling the atmosphere of the gypsy festivals and sweeping rhythms of the dances of Eastern Europe.

This is a sign That the Jewish cultures and countries of East have Always Been in contact in a kind of mutual exchange.

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