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Mishkalè, like all Balkan orchestra, they move at ease among the people, in situations where their music has always created an atmosphere of celebration and collective participation. We find them on the stage of a concert, a musical event but also through the streets of the city and country to involve and surprise passers-by.

The proposals show Mishkalè are indicative of two types:
  • Mishkalé offers Concerts on stage generally feature a collection of pieces, whose duration can be varied according to requirements: a maximum of an hour and half, to a minimum of thirty minutes.
    Concert on stage
    presents a repertoire of songs that can last for varying periods depending on the needs of the program.
  • Recital music and stories
    The concert can be enriched, in appropriate contexts, a series of stories and tales of Jewish culture and gypsy played by a professional actor, taking the form of a recital.
  • Recital "Existing becomes a crime"”
    The project was conceived to celebrate Memorial Day, because the memory remains alive in the most viewers and citizenship. Inspired by a book of testimony Piera Sonnino: "This was. An Italian family in the camps ", Basic Books, Milano, 2004. A solo voice alternates with live music, with the typical sounds of the klezmer tradition, lead the viewer into the story, in which words, suggestions and music come together in a touching one.
For any other music solution please contact us.


2010 - Tanz Tanz

2005 - MISHKALE’
klezmer & gypsy music

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